About me

Debra J Edwards

Debra J Edwards is a full time teacher and part time writer living in Surrey. She hopes that this will be reversed soon and this will then read; Debra J Edwards is a full time writer and part time teacher!


Her series of Aggie Lichen books tell the story of a gang of feisty tooth fairies trying to save their world. They are both funny and ridiculous. I mean, teenage tooth fairies indeed.

Based completely on the author's earlier work placement as a teenage tooth fairy, the stories convey an air of realism as the characters deal with bullying, sibling rivalry and, of course, good against evil!


Debra is now working on her first YA book, a ghost story, 'Marvin's Curse'. She is currently working under cover, at weekends, as a ghost whisperer in order to bring something extra to her central character.